Substantial savings when compared to shipping over-the-road, the railroad is a perfect option for freight that is not time sensitive and needs to ship on a budget.

Shipping via rail is a dock-to-dock service and requires no additional work for you, the shipper or the consignee compared to over-the-road shipments.

Containers can be dropped so you can load/unload at your leisure. This service is provided at a fraction of the price of typical over-the-road trailer drops.

  • 40, 45, 48 & 53 ft Containers

  • High-Cubes

  • Drop Service

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Port Pulls

  • Drayage

  • Lane & Cost Analysis

  • Contractual Pricing

Throughout the entire transit your freight will be insured for at least $200,000.

We offer the best value on shipments to the West coast as well as service to/from regions that are not traditionally considered for rail.

Redhawk’sĀ intermodal shipments receive the same professional service as our over-the-road shipments.