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Oversize Overweight OS/OW Superload
59' trailer length,
8'6" wide, and
14' high
80,000 lbs
legal weight and dimension
125' long,
16' wide,
20' high, and
254,000 lbs
Single Trip =
Flat Fee
Single Trip =
80,000-120,000 -
120,001-160,000 -
160,001-200,000 -
200,001 and up -
Single Trip =
OS fee +
OW fee
TBD upon review
of BOL showing
load weight, purpose
for moving load,
load description,
type of equipment
used to move load,
and diagram showing
# of axles, spacing
and desired rout
When Escorts are Needed: # of Escorts:
On All Highways
Width exceeding 14' up to and including
16'. Permit office determines for those less
than 16' wide
1 escort
Width over 16' (generally over 16' wide)
are not routed on Interstate or Expressways
except for mfg. housing or HUD coded
industrialized buildings
2 (front and rear)
Length over 110' up to 125' 1 escort
Length over 125' 2 (front and rear)
Overhang over 20' up to 30' 1 rear
Overhang over 30'
(needs special approval)
2 (front and rear)
Height over 17'
(contact utility companies)
1 front w/high pole
Height over 18' considered on
individual basis, if load is over
2 dimensions that require an escort
(*exception: if load is over 110' long
but not over 125' long and has rear
overhang over 20' - only 1 escort
is required)
2 (front and rear*)

Overhang Requirements:

Maximum legal overhang allowed is 3' (three feet) in front and 4' (four feet) in rear. Overhang exceeding these dimensions will require a over length permit.

Permits Valid For:

Single Trip Permits are valid for five (5) days.

Operating Time

Permitted loads are allowed travel from one-half hour before Sunrise to one-half hour after Sunset, Monday through Friday.  Vehicles and loads not exceeding 10' wide or 100' long may operate on the Interstate twenty-four (24) hours a day.  Loads that are permitted for weight only may travel continuously, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

Weekend Travel

Permitted loads are allowed travel on Saturdays and Sundays as long as their dimensions do not exceed 110' long x 14' wide x 16' high.

Restricted Travel

Any time restrictions are noted on the permits as they are received.  Permitted travel is restricted from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in the following cities:  Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Lubbock, Austin, Beaumont, San Antonio, El Paso, Vidor, and Wichita Falls.  Permitted travel is restricted during hazardous road conditions, or when visibility is less than 1/5th of a mile due to any type of inclement weather or other causes.

Spring Weight Restrictions

There are no Seasonal Weight Restrictions for the State of Texas.

Superload Requirements

Loads or vehicles that are 125' long x 20' wide (16' on Interstate) x 19' high and 254,000 lbs. or more are considered Super-loads.  Loads that are permitted for 125' long or more will require a Route Survey.  Loads that weigh over 200,000 lbs. require a Bill of Lading, or purchase order to be submitted showing the loads actual scale weight.  Super-load applications must include the following information:  Purpose for shipping the load, description of the cargo, the type of equipment that will be used to ship the load, a detailed diagram of the cargo and trailer showing the number of axles, axle spacing, tires per axle, tire size on each axle, and weight per axle.  Application must also include a map of the preferred route of travel as well as any proposed secondary routes indicating exactly where the load will pick up and deliver, as well as an indication of the proposed date of shipment.

Super-load permit issuance time varies depending on load, but applications should be allowed up to fifteen (15) days for processing and approval.

Super Heavy Permit Requirements

Super Heavy single trip permits are available for the movement of vehicles and loads which exceed 254,300 lbs. total Gross Weight, or exceed the maximum permittable weight on each axle or axle group, or exceed 200,000 lbs. with less than 95' feet of axle spacing.

Applications for Super Heavy Permits must be submitted in writing showing the exact beginning and ending points in relation to a State Highway.  Must also include a signed contract or purchase order between the shipper and manufacturer/purchaser, and a copy of a loading diagram.  Loading Diagrams must specify the following:

  • Number of Axles
  • Number of tires on each axle
  • Tire size on each axle
  • Distance between each axle
  • Tire and gross weight for each axle group
  • Transverse Spacing of each set of dual wheels
  • Loads center of Gravity
  • Distance from center of gravity to the center of front bolster
  • Distance from the center of gravity to the center of the rear bolster
  • Distance from the center of the front bolster to the center of the fifth wheel of the truck
  • Distance from the center of the rear bolster to the center of the closest axle
  • Tire Pressure
  • Weight per Lateral Inch

Applications, and supporting documents must be sent by mail, or fax at least six (6) to eight (8) weeks before the permit is required, unless an existing pre-approved route is on file.

Front and Rear escorts are required for all movements transported under Super Heavy Permits.