Select a State:

Oversize Overweight OS/OW Superload
53' trailer length,
8'6" wide, and
14' high
80,000 lbs.
Exceeding legal
weight and dimension
110' long,
17' wide,
16' high, and
180,000 lbs.
Single Trip =
Flat Fee
Single Trip =
Flat Fee
Single Trip =
Flat Fee
TBD upon review
of routes, axle
spacing, drawing
of load with
weight and
When Escorts are Needed: # of Escorts:
On 2 Lane Roads
Width over 12' to 14'
Width over 12'
(except for mobile homes)
1 front
Width over 16' 3 (2 front and 1 rear)
Width 17' wide requirements
(likely to require highway patrol also)
Probably 2 + states
Length over 25' - front or rear 1 (front or rear)
Height over 15'6" 1 (front or rear) 1 front needs
high pole
On Interstate & 4 or More Lanes
Width over 14' to 16' 1 rear
Width over 16' to 17' 2 (front and rear)
Width over 17' reviewed on an individual
basis (likely to require hwy patrol also)
Likely 2 + State
Height over 15'6" 1 front w/high pole
Length over 110' 1 rear
Overhang over 25' front and rear 1 (front or rear)
Hoover Dam area: Width 8'6" to 10'
(max allowed) alternate route is SR 163
2 escorts
Notes: Highway patrol needs at least 2 weeks notice, permits office needs at least
2 days notice to permit a "Superload." Best route for over height is US 6 convoying must be specifically approved.

Overhang Requirements:

Truck and Trailer combinations shall not exceed a overall length of 70' (seventy feet), including front and rear bumpers and load. Overhang exceeding these dimensions will require a over length permit.

Police Escorts:

$65.49 per hour per Trooper, with a 2 hour minimum.

Permits Valid For:

Single Trip Permits are valid for five (5) travel days.  If weekend travel is allowed, then consecutive days will be in effect.  If weekend travel is not allowed, then business days will be in effect.

Operating Time

Permitted loads are restricted from travel during hours of darkness, and on weekends with the following exceptions:  Vehicles or loads not exceeding 75' overall length including overhang and vehicles/loads that are over-weight and otherwise have legal dimensions may be moved during hours of darkness, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

***Travel during weekends and hours of darkness must be requested upon application of permit.

Weekend Travel

Permitted loads that do not exceed 105' long, 14' wide, 16' high, and 15' overhang are allowed travel on weekends, but are restricted from travel on I-80 between Reno and CA State line, and I-15 between Las Vegas and CA State line unless they meet Holiday Travel Restrictions.  Permitted loads or vehicles that exceed the previously mentioned dimensions are allowed travel ONLY on Monday through Friday.

Divisible Loads

Permitted loads must be reduced to their lowest possible dimensions and weights in order to be issued a permit.  All loads that are shipped under the authority of a permit are to be considered "non-reducible" in nature.  These items include, but are not limited to machinery, construction equipment, fabricated units, mobile cranes, off-highway trucks, earth moving equipment, etc.  Blades and rippers attached to tractors are considered to be part of the machines body and therefore are considered non-reducible.


Blades attached to permitted loads do not have to be removed. If buckets and counterweights can be removed, they must be in order to reduce size or weight.  If attachments cause a load to be overweight, they must be removed and shipped as a separate load.

Spring Weight Restrictions

Frost Laws are in effect from February 1st through April 30th.  During this time certain routes are restricted, and if traveling on any of these routes, vehicles must be legal on all axles.  If Frost Law restrictions apply to your load, the DOT will notify you upon application for Permit.

Superload Requirements

Loads or vehicles that are 110' long, 17' wide, 16' high, and 180,000 lbs. or more are considered Super-loads.  Each Super-load application is reviewed individually, and will be determined based on route, size, axle spacing, and axle weight.  The Department of Transportation may require a special review for Super-loads, and if so will require a drawing/diagram including axle spacing, axle weight, and overall dimensions.  Super-load applications should be allowed up to ten (10) days for processing and approval, and must be submitted at least ten (10) days prior to proposed shipping date.