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Oversize Overweight OS/OW Superload
53' trailer length,
8'6" wide, and
13'6" high
80,000 lbs
Exceeding legal
weight and dimension
120' long,
20' wide, and
15'6" high
Single Trip =
Flat Fee
(+ $8.00 credit card fee)
Single Trip =
$0.05 per
mile when load
exceeds 80k lbs
Higher of the
two fees
TBD upon review
of diagram
describing load, letters from carriers
and shipper requesting
permission to move,
and desired route
When are Escorts are Needed: # of Escorts:
On all Highways
Overall length 95' up to 105' 1 rear
Overall length over 105' 2 (front and rear)
Width over 12' 1 escort
(front on 2 lane and
rear if on 4 lane)
Overhang of 15' or more in front 1 front
Overhang of 15' or more in rear 1 rear
Height of loads controlled
by route clearance
Weight on loads controlled by pavement and bridge clearance *note: rear escort for width may be replaced by: 2-5? flashing amber lights sufficient for 500ft visibility mounted approximately 6 ft above road surface on the rear corners of the load - control of lights must be inside towing vehicle with device to alert the driver in the event of a malfunction.

Overhang Requirements:

Maximum legal overhang allowed is 3' (three feet) in front and 4' (four feet) in rear.
Overhang exceeding these dimensions will require a over length permit.

Police Escorts:

Mississippi does not require highway patrol escorts.

Permits Valid For:

Single trip permits are valid for three (3) consecutive days, continuous daylight movement.

Operating Time

Travel permitted one half hour after sunrise to one-half hour before sunset.

Divisible Loads

Load must be broken down to its smallest dimension and/or weight.


Dozers with blades removed are permitted to haul the blade on the same trailer with the load.

Restricted Travel

Movement of over length or over width shall be discontinued during periods of inclement weather. No city time restrictions stated as a rule

Weekend Travel

Travel is permitted until one half hour before sunset on Saturday, no Sunday travel permitted.

Spring Weight Restrictions

No restrictions

Superload Requirements

Loads or vehicles that are 120' long, 20' wide, 15'6" high and 190,000 lbs. or more are considered super-loads. Application must be submitted including drawings showing axle weights and spacing, letters from carrier and shipper requesting permission to move. Loads 16' high require a route survey. There is no time limit set by law on how quickly an application for a super load must be completed.