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Oversize Overweight OS/OW Superload
53' trailer length,
8'6" wide, and
14' high
80,000 lbs
Exceeding legal
weight and dimension
150' long,
16' wide,
16' high and
160,000 lbs
Single Trip =
Single Trip =
$15.00 + $20.00
per each 10k lbs in
excess of the legal
GVW of 80k lbs
Single Trip =
$15.00 + $20.00
per each 10k lbs in
excess of the legal
GVW of 80k lbs
Single Trip =
$15.00 + $250.00
movement feasibility
fee + additional
bridge analysis fees
depending on load
and desired route
When Escorts are Needed: # of Escorts
On 2 Lane Highways:
Width over 12'4" to 14' 1 (1 rear if 2 lane and
1 front if undivided)
Width over 12'4" to 14' 1 front and rear (off designated highways)
Width Over 14' to 16' 1 front and 1 rear
Length over 90' for a combination
unit on all highways except divided highways
1 rear
Height over 15'6" (and route survey) 1 w/highpole
Interstate and Divided Multi-lane Highways
Width over 12'4" to 16' 1 rear
Height over 16' and route survey 1 w/high pole
Additional factors determining escorts:
Special escort requirement may be specified whenever size or operation of movement may require them. Flagmen may be required in some instances (such as load is equal to or over width of lane or on 2-lane bridge where movement infringes on adjacent land) and escorts may act as flagman when needed.

Overhang Requirements:

Maximum legal overhang allowed is 3' (three feet) in front and 4' (four feet) in rear.
Overhang exceeding these dimensions will require an over length permit.

Permits Valid For:

Single trip permit is valid for seven (7) travel days; pre-issued permits will be issued for five (5) days.

Operating Time

One half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset except in metropolitan areas and tourist areas.

Divisible Loads

Permits will not be granted for a highway movement of a load which is reducible in dimension or weight, except for farm products. Reducible portions of any over dimension or overweight load shall include, but not be limited to any attachments, accessories, member or assembly designed to be detached with hand tools.


Blades and buckets may have to be removed depending on weight, dimensions, and route of travel.

Weekend Travel

Travel is permitted Saturday all day, Sunday all day except in metropolitan and tourist areas.  Loads over 14' wide will not be allowed to travel on weekends, if only overweight (maximum weight of 112,000 lbs) may travel 24-hours.

Spring Weight Restrictions

Loads over 14' to 16' wide may require applicant travel indirect routes in order to avoid narrow pavement.

Superload Requirements

Loads in excess of 16' wide 16' high 150' long and over 160,000 lbs are considered superloads and require a application to be submitted showing traffic control plan, drawing of axle weight and spacing. If load is higher than 17'5" high, applicant will need to provide a written document from the appropriate utility company indicating approval to disturb aerial lines across the route.