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Oversize Overweight OS/OW Superload
55' trailer length,
8'6" wide, and
13'6" high
80,000 lbs.
Exceeding legal
weight and dimension
120' long,
16' wide,
16' high, and
150,000 lbs.
Single Trip =
Single Trip =
$30.00 + $5.00
per additional ton
Single Trip =
$30.00 + $5.00
per additional ton
TBD upon review
of axle weight,
spacing, drawing of
the load, weight and dimensions,
as well as desired route
When Escorts are Needed # of Escorts:
On all Highways
Width over 13' except manufactured housing 1 escort
Length over 85' 1 escort
Height over 14'6" or more
(unless route requires escort
for lesser height)
1 w/high pole
When weather or road conditions justify 2  (front and rear)
Width 14' or more including mfg housing 2 (front and rear)
Length 140' or more 2 (front and rear)
Traveling road too narrow to allow other
vehicles to pass safely in either direction
2 (front and rear)
Police Escort Needed When:
(Expect $250.00 fee) over 8 hours
$62.50 per each added hour
Width 16' or more
Weight 150,000lbs GVW
Extreme Heights
As MD hwy admin requires: if traffic will have to be
diverted or stopped or if more will affect either 2 or
more lanes of traffic on a highway having only 1 lane in each direction.
Escorts (private or state police)may be added at any time at the discretion of the Maryland hauling permit section for safety purposes.

Overhang Requirements:

Maximum legal overhang allowed is 3' (three feet) front and 6' (six foot) rear.
Overhang exceeding these dimensions will require a over length permit.

Police Escort:

$250.00 flat fee for police escort (8 hours - $62.50 per hour over), only required for Superloads.

Permits Valid For:

Single Trip Permits are valid for five (5) travel days.  Saturday and Sunday are excluded from these five (5) days.

Operating Time

Permitted loads are allowed travel from one-half hour before Sunrise to one-half hour after Sunset.

Weekend Travel

Permitted loads are allowed travel on Saturday until 12:00 noon, and are forbidden from travel on Sunday.

Divisible Loads

Permits will not be issued if the vehicle and load can be dismantled, disassembled, or hauled in such a way that moves can be made within the size and weight limits imposed by the laws of the State of Maryland.


Blades, buckets, etc. must be removed and hauled separately.  However, there is a reasonable time restriction for the removal of these attachments.  If removal would take an excessive amount of time, the components/attachments may be shipped attached.

Spring Weight Restrictions

There are no Seasonal Weight Restrictions for the State of Maryland.

Superload Requirements

Loads or vehicles that are 120' long, 16' wide, 16' high, and 120,000 lbs. (150,000 lbs. on Interstate only) or more are considered Super-loads.  Application must be submitted with drawing including axle spacing and axle weights.  Drawing/diagram of cargo may be required on a case by case basis.  Super-load applications should be allowed up to fourteen (14) days for processing and approval.  Application must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to actual shipment start date.

Super-load Permit Fee - $8.00 per structure up to 200,000 lbs. plus $12.00 per structure over 200,000 lbs.