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Oversize Overweight OS/OW Superload
53' trailer length,
8'6" wide, and
14'6" high
80,000 lbs.
150,000 lbs.
Exceeding legal
weight and dimension
126' long,
16'6" wide,
17' high, and
150,000 lbs.
Single Trip =
Single Trip =
Single Trip =
Single Trip =
TBD upon review of
load description,
dimensions and
weight, axle spacing
and desired route**

*If truck is not registered in Kansas for max load of 85,500 lbs., an additional fee of $26.00 will be added to existing fees.
**Large structure (modular homes, ect.) are a standard $30.00 fee.

When Escorts are Needed: # of Escorts:
On Highways less than 4 Lanes
Width more than 14' 2 (front and rear)
The rear escort may be eliminated if a warning light is attached to the top of the towing
vehicle and to the rear of each load and is mounted no less than two feet or more
than eight feet above the surface of the road
On 4 Lane Highway
(if mobile home has.)
An 8" amber light attached to the top of the power unit and
another at the top rear of the mobile home to be towed.
On All Highways
Mobile homes over 12'6" wide 2 (front and rear)
Superloads 1 rear
Height over 16' 1 pole car
Width over 16'6" or height over 18',
but not restricted to houses, bars, sheds,
granaries and storage tanks.
2 (front and rear)
All escorts shall be certified in Kansas

Overhang Requirements:

Maximum legal overhang allowed is 3' (three feet) front and 4' (four feet) rear.
Overhang exceeding these dimensions will require an over length permit.

Police Escort:

Kansas does not require Police escorts on oversize loads.

Permits Valid For:

Single Trip Permits are valid for seven (7) travel days.

Operating Time

Permitted loads are allowed travel from one-half hour before Sunrise to one-half hour after Sunset, Seven (7) days a week.

Divisible Loads

Permitted loads must be reduced to the smallest possible form.  Only one item may be transported when more than one would cause the load to be over-width, overweight, or over-length.  All items or units must be loaded in such a manner that the least possible dimension becomes the width.


Blades, buckets, counterweights, etc. must be removed during shipment.  If any of these attachments cause a load to be overweight, they must be removed, and shipped as a separate load.

Restricted Travel

Travel is restricted for permitted loads during inclement weather.  Turnpike Restrictions are as follows:  No over-height vehicles allowed on the turnpike.  Loads or vehicles that are over 16' wide, 14' high, and 120,000 lbs. gross weight are not permitted on the Turnpike.  Rocky Mountain Doubles and Triples are allowed on the Turnpike up to 119' long.  To contact Turnpike authority call (316)-682-4537.

Spring Weight Restrictions

There are no Seasonal Weight Restrictions in the state of Kansas.

Superload Requirements

Loads or vehicles that are 126' long, 16'6" wide, 17' high and 150,000 lbs. or more are considered Super-loads.  Any load that is over 17' high requires that the carrier contact utility companies. Every vehicle or load that is 126' long, 16'6" wide, 18' high, and 150,000 lbs. or more requires a Bridge Analysis.  Super-load applications should be allowed seven (7) to ten (10) days for processing and approval.  Applications for Super-loads shall be submitted at least ten (10) days prior to the desired date of movement.