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Oversize Overweight OS/OW Superload
57' trailer length,
8'6 wide, and
14'6" high
80,000 lbs.
Exceeding legal
weight and dimension
130' long,
17' wide,
16' high, and
200,000 lbs.
Single Trip = $30.00 Single Trip =
$30.00 + $10.00
per axle
Single Trip =
$30.00 + $10.00
per axle
TBD upon review of diagram
of load,axle spacing, weight
on each axle, load description dimensions
and desired route
(*on height for superloads,
consult state as restrictions may vary
depending on region traveled in.)
When Escorts are Needed: # of Escorts:
Width over 13' to 15' 1 front (poss + 1 rear)
Width over 15' to 17' 2 (front and rear)
Width over 8'6" on certain
secondary roads
2 (front and rear)
Width over 11' on certain
secondary 2-lane roads
1 front
Length over 85' on certain
portions of 2-lane  and 4-lane highways
1 front
Length over 110' 1 front
Overhang more than 25'
(at point of overhang)
1 escort
Height over 16' 1 front w/high pole
On Four (4) or more Lane Highways:
Rear projection over 25' beyond trailer 1 or more
Width over 13' to 15' 1 rear
Width over 15' 2 (front and rear)
Length over 115' 1 rear
Length over 85' 1 rear
On Certain Portions of 2-Lane and 4-Lane Highways:
Overhang more than 25' at point of overhang 1 escort
Height over 16' 1 front w/high pole

Overhang Requirements:

Maximum legal overhang allowed is 4' (four feet) front and 10' (ten feet) rear.
Overhang exceeding these dimensions will require over-length permits

Police Escorts:

$54.00 per hour - $0.74 per mile.

Permits Valid For:

Single Trip Permits are valid for up to five (5) full days.

Permit Extensions/Revisions

Extensions or revisions to permits may be granted due to inclement weather or vehicle breakdown.  The driver of the permitted load must contact the headquarters permit office before the permit expires in order to arrange necessary extension.

Operating Time

Travel is allowed during daylight hours, Seven (7) days a week.  Some night time travel is allowed with certain special lighting restrictions, except where prohibited.  Vehicles and loads overweight only, not exceeding 110,000 lbs. allowed continuous travel including Holidays.  Loads over 14' wide are prohibited from travel during the hours of darkness.

Weekend Travel

Travel is permitted on Saturday and Sunday.  Daylight travel is allowed as well as night time travel, however night time travel has special requirements.

Divisible Loads

A load that can be easily reduced by the removal of segments must do so.  Bulldozer blades must be removed.


Units having the proper number of axles and do not exceed permit limit weights may haul equipment with items essential to their operations, either attached or detached, i.e dozer blade, ripper, counterweights, etc.

Superload Requirements

Loads which exceed 130' long x 17' wide x 16' tall and 200,000 lbs. must submit an application with the following information: Diagrams including axle spacing, weight on each axle, load description, length, width, height, and routes desired.  There may be additional charges if roads need to be closed.  Applications for Super-load Permits should be allowed up to three (3) weeks to be processed.